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What’s the Average Baby Weight Growth by Month?

What is the average baby weight chart by month?

If we discussed about newly born baby average of normal weight we studied overall or worldwide researches about it. Birth weight is that the actual weight of a baby at its birth. The common birth weight in babies of European heritage is 3.5 kilograms (7.7 lb.), although the way of traditional is between 2.5 kilograms (5.5 lb.) and 4.5 kilograms (9.9 lb.). Babies of south Asian and Chinese heritage weigh concerning 240 grams (0.53 lb.) less. The birth weight of a baby is notable as a result of terribly low birth weight babies are one hundred times a lot of probably to die compared to normal birth weight babies. As way as low birth weights prevalence rates dynamical over time, there has been a small decrease from 7.9% (1970) to 6.8% (1980), then a small increase to 8.3% (2006), to current levels of 8.2% (2016). The prevalence of low birth weight has trended slightly upward from 2012 to now a day.


What Are Baby Growth/weight Chart?


Baby weight charts are necessary tools health care suppliers use to examine your very little one’s overall health. The charts are accustomed assess however your baby is growing compared with different youngsters of an equivalent age and gender and to envision how your kid is developing over time. Growth standards are used for babies below twenty four months previous to check the following:

  • Head area circumference (the distance of largest part of the head, as this indicates how your baby’s brain is growing)
  • Weight-for-age
  • Weight-for-length
  • Length-for-age.

Different baby weight charts are used for boys and girls, and completely different charts are used for babies younger than twenty four months and for those two years and older.

It’s useful to understand that these charts provide items of knowledge that your doctor will assess within the context of different developmental milestones, the scale of the individuals in your family, and different factors. You’ll be able to realize and transfer the charts below.


Baby girl growth chart


Average Height to Weight Ratio for Girls
Female Babies (0 to 11 Months)
0 month7.3 lb. (3.3 kg)19.4″ (49.2 cm)
1 month9.6 lb. (4.3 kg)21.2″ (53.8 cm)
2 months11.7 lb. (5.3 kg)22.1″ (56.1 cm)
3 months13.3 lb. (6.0 kg)23.6″ (59.9 cm)
4 months14.6 lb. (6.6 kg)24.5″ (62.2 cm)
5 months15.8 lb. (7.1 kg)25.3″ (64.2 cm)
6 months16.6 lb. (7.5 kg)25.9″ (64.1 cm)
7 months17.4 lb. (7.9 kg)26.5″ (67.3 cm)
8 months18.1 lb. (8.2 kg)27.1″ (68.8 cm)
9 months18.8 lb. (8.5 kg)27.6″ (70.1 cm)
10 months19.4 lb. (8.8 kg)28.2″ (71.6 cm)
11 months19.9 lb. (9.0 kg)28.7″ (72.8 cm)


Baby boy growth chart

Average Height to Weight Ratio for Boys
Average Height to Weight Ratio for Male Babies (0 to 11 Months)
0 month7.4 lb. (3.3 kg)19.6″ (49.8 cm)
1 month9.8 lb. (4.4 kg)21.6″ (54.8 cm)
2 months12.3 lb. (5.6 kg)23.0″ (58.4 cm)
3 months14.1 lb. (6.4 kg)24.2″ (61.4 cm)
4 months15.4 lb. (7 kg)25.2″ (64 cm)
5 months16.6 lb. (7.5 kg)26.0″ (66 cm)
6 months17.5 lb. (7.9 kg)26.6″ (67.5 cm)
7 months18.3 lb. (8.3 kg)27.2″ (69 cm)
8 months19.0 lb. (8.6 kg)27.8″ (70.6 cm)
9 months19.6 lb. (8.9 kg)28.3″ (71.8 cm)
10 months20.1 lb. (9.1 kg)28.8″ (73.1 cm)
11 months20.8 lb. (9.4 kg)29.3″ (74.4 cm)


Weight in premature babies

Babies, who are born prematurely usually, weigh but mature babies. A baby is taken into account mature if they’re born at or once thirty-nine weeks of gestation.

Every week makes a distinction. A baby born at twenty four or twenty five weeks can weigh but a baby born at twenty eight or twenty nine weeks.
If your baby is premature, they will have a low birth weight or terribly low birth weight:

  • Babies born at an usually birth weight weigh between three pounds, five ounces (1.5 kilograms) to five pounds, 8 ounces (2.5 kilograms) at birth.
  • Babies born at a really low birth weight weigh less than three pounds, five ounces at birth (1.5 kilograms) at birth.


Babies don’t develop the suction reflex till thirty two weeks old, thus babies born terribly early are given milk through a tube into their abdomen at first. Your baby can even drink formula this way.

Weight gain is a vital measure of health for premature infants. If there aren’t any underlying health problems that create it troublesome for your baby to grow, they’ll gain weight steady.

Based on their level of prematurity, for the primary few weeks, the amount of weight gain is also like the amount of weight they’d be gaining were they still in utero.

Premature babies grow and gain weight at a quicker rate than mature babies do. Throughout their 1st year, premature babies are measured for weight based on the age they would’ve been born at term instead of by their actual birth date.


Factors that are affected baby weight


There are some factors that may affected baby weight or size of new born babies. These include:

  • Genetics
  • Duration of pregnancy
  • Habits during pregnancy
  • Number of babies in womb at same time
  • Baby’s sex
  • Baby’s health
  • Health conditions of mother
  • Taking nutrition during pregnancy
  • Lifestyle of mother
  • Surrounding atmosphere
  • Medications
  • Hormones


Is baby weight important?

Yes of course it is very important to measure weight and size of baby monthly. It is use to help doctor to determine the development and day by day health of baby.



Your baby’s weight is one among several vital indicators that assist you and your baby’s doctor track your baby’s development. Gaining weight too slowly or too quickly will have long-term health consequences if not self-addressed.

However, a baby’s weight at birth doesn’t indicate what their weight is going to be as adults. Babies born prematurely or at a low birth weight will quickly catch up to their peers. Older babies and toddlers who are overweight will get facilitate to succeed in and keep among a healthy weight range.