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Charley Horse Causes, Risks, and Treatments Tips

What is a charley horse?​

A charley horse is basically a painful condition for a person, or you can say an involuntary cramp significantly. Charley horse may be a muscle cramp that sometimes happens within the thigh or calf muscle of the leg.  In this situation, your muscles start contract, or cramp up, inflicting you to feel the foremost intense tightness for anywhere from a number of seconds to a few minutes. Moreover charley horse refers to a muscle cramp that’s unexpected and painful. It usually happens throughout exercise and at midnight. It usually affects the calf muscle at the backside of the lower leg, however it also can occur within the foot and, often, within the thigh too. Charley horses are usually treatable at home, particularly if they’re infrequent. However, frequent muscle spasms are usually joined to underlying health conditions that need medical treatment.


Why cramps are called charley horses?

 The main history behind the name ‘’ charley horses’’ is related to spots or you can say games. It is doubtless that using “charley horse” to explain a muscle cramp comes from informal American sporting talk, dating back to the Eighties.

One theory is that the term comes from an athlete who was talking a few lame horses. Those Horses accustomed facilitate with grounds man jobs in baseball.

Charley horses don’t seem to be specifically associated with the game of baseball, and that they will occur throughout any kind of exercise. That’s thy specific muscles cramps are also known as ‘’ charley horses’’.


What is Major Cause’s charley horse in calf?

 There are various causes of charley horse in leg or charley horse in calf; some of them are respectively given below:

17 Major Cause’s charley horse

  • Dehydration in body
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Some diuretic medications usage
  • Overexertion in body
  • Poor circulation
  • Low amount of sodium
  • The wrong shoes we wear
  • Low amount of potassium
  • Prolonged exercise
  • Low amount of calcium
  • Holding a muscle in the same position for a long time span
  • Problem in taking nutrition’s
  • Different muscle injuries
  • Using High heels
  • A problem such as a spinal cord injury
  • Kidney disease in body
  • Heat and electrolyte depletion


Symptoms of charley horse​

A charley horse happens once muscles suddenly cramp or tightens, leading to pain. The condition most usually happens within the calf muscle at the back side of the lower leg. Muscle cramps point intensity from a small tic to torturous pain. A cramping muscle might feel hard to the touch and/or seem visibly distorted or twitch below the skin. A charley horse in calf​ can last a couple of seconds to fifteen minutes or longer and may recur multiple times before leaving. For many people, the muscle contracts painfully while not lasting issues. For others, however, the cramps are extraordinarily painful and leave some muscle discomfort for days.

If leg cramps oftentimes happen at midnight, sleep disruption may result.


Risk factors of charley horse​






Muscle cramps can happen to anyone at any time, at any age. Charley horse can occur at the time of the day or night and sometimes midnight respectively. There are many risk factors of charley horse, some of them may include;

  • Older or adults
  • People who are obese
  • People taking different medications
  • Excessive use of smoke in individuals
  • Newly born babies
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Muscles cramps in pregnancy


Easy stretches for get rid by charley horse

There are many easy and simple bodies stretches that may be really effective in get rid by charley horse naturally. Some of them are given below;

Basic stretching’s:

  1. Firstly you keep your legs outstretched in front of you regularly.
  2. Second step Point the toes of your affected foot at the ceiling thus that the leg is engaged easily.
  3. Now take a towel or neck tie as you have and wrap or cover it around your foot, and holding it with both hands slowly.
  4. Now lift the leg slightly until you feel a good and relaxed stretch.


While you are sitting:

  1. First you just Stand with your palms and placed against a wall as you can reach, with the help of arms stretched out.
  2. Now second step is Step back with leg of affected calf slowly.
  3. Here’s the 3rd step in which you Lean forward on the other leg while on other hand push against the wall slowly.


12 tips for Prevention by charley horse

There are some tips or you can say suggestion by which you can prevent from charley horse. You just follow these tips and get rid from charley’s horse easily. Following are given below;

  • Stop consuming stimulants (e.g., nicotine, ephedrine, caffeine)
  • Increase your activity level gradually
  • Eat a well-balanced diet that contain rich potassium
  • Avoid exercising in hot or very cold weather.
  • Not smoking
  • Loosen the covers properly
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • avoid alcohol or use within limit
  • Drink different beverages that contain specific electrolyte.
  • Eat more foods high in vitamins like calcium, magnesium.
  • Stretch before going to bed regularly.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes.


When Should I Call the Doctor?

Muscle cramps commonly are a temporary pain attack and typically resolve on their own without any specific treatment. As we know Muscle cramps usually disappear and are rarely quite serious to require medication. In common cases, you can take care of a leg cramp but it will likely stop in shot time span, within minutes. But if you get them continuous and severe for no clear reason then you must consult to you doctor. Consult your doctor immediately if charley horse in calf is;

  • Cause severe discomfort.
  • Leg swelling, redness or skin color may change.
  • Not visible improvement with self-care.
  • Are associated with muscle weakness.
  • Aren’t associated with strenuous or hard exercise.
  • Cramps happen frequently.


Home Remedies for charley horse or Cramps?

Home remedies are best way to get rid from ay bodily issue or problem rather than use medicines but most of cramps can be prevent if the involved muscle can be stretched regularly.

Gently massaging the muscle can usually facilitate it to relax, as can applying heat from a heater or hot soak. If the cramp is related to fluid loss, as is commonly the case with vigorous physical activity, fluid and solution is (especially potassium) replacement is important. Medicines don’t seem to be typically required to treat a normal cramp that’s active since most cramps subside spontaneously before enough medication would be absorbed to even have an impact.


What Is the Treatment for charley horse?

Charley horse cramps sometimes stop by themselves while not treatment from a doctor. As shortly as you are feeling the cramp coming, stop your activity. Massage your muscle and stretch it slowly, keeping it stretched till the cramp eases up. As an example, if your calf is cramping, flex your foot (toes pointed toward you) and keep it flexed till the spasm stops. Applying warmness, to assist, ease muscle tightness. Within the aftermath of your ordeal, your muscle can feel sore. At now, you’ll use a chilly pack to soothe it.

Heating pads will accelerate the comfort method, whereas an ice pack will facilitate numb the pain for charley horse in calf. If your muscle remains sore once a symptom, your doctor could advocate a NSAID medication like NSAID. In several cases, your doctor could bring down antispasmodic agent medication. Also, physiotherapy will assist you deal with muscle spasms and stop any complications. In extreme cases, you doctor could suggest surgery. If alternative treatments fail, surgery will enlarge the house around a nerve to relieve pressure. This might facilitate if nervous disorder causes your spasms.



Charley horses are common and may occur in any muscle at any time. They’re sometimes treatable and may generally be prevented. A charley horse or charley horse in calf may be a common problem and doesn’t sometimes indicate a significant unhealthiness. However, a charley horse will typically result from medication or a health condition

any pain caused by a spasm won’t usually last over each day. However, if you experience charley horses often, talk along with your doctor concerning treatments. If a person’s cramps are severe, and that they experience different changes like a modified level of consciousness or a fever, they must ask for medical facilitate.