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32 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea & Matcha Tea

What is green tea?

The origin of green tea a leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, which is mostly present in India and East Asia. It has a lot of health benefits and even more benefits still reveal every day. Drinking green tea has very pleasant fragrance and taste.

Does green tea have caffeine?

Green tea is a natural supply of caffeine, making it an excellent way to cheer everyone in tiredness. Average 25mg caffeine is present in 8 ounces of pure green tea. But this amount may be varying in different source of green tea samples depending on brewing way and processing way.

It has less amount of caffeine as compared to black coffee which has 90mg and also breakfast tea which has 40 to 70 mg of caffeine. As green tea has lesser amount of caffeine so drinking green tea has more benefits.

Here are some main health benefits of green tea. More informative detail and worthful information are in the article.

  • There are many types of pure green tea in market.
  • Traditionally green tea is used as medical purposes in China and India.
  • Further more research is needed to prove many of the health claims regarding green tea.


Nutritional highlights

Some basic and important heath benefits of green tea are coated in this table. This article is all about discussing the heath benefits if drinking green tea in detail.

Components in green tea

Health benefits of green tea

  • An Astringency component
  • Catechins
  • Helps in body fat burning
  • Helps in curing mouth bad breath
  • Reduces level of cholesterol in blood stream
  • Cancer curing effect
  • Highly antioxidant
  • Good antibacterial
  • Anti-influenza effect
  • Helps to decreases blood pressure
  • Has anti-obesity effect
  • Caffeine
  • Enhances senses
  • Helps in body boosting
  • Helps in alertness
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Chlorophyll
  • Helps to prevent offensive odor
  • Saponins
  • Maintaining of blood pressure
  • Antiviral effect
  • Important minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese, etc.
  • Regulators in body
  • Best antioxidant
  • Vitamin C


  • Improves healthy skin
  • Helps in collagen formation
  • Helps to cure uneven skin and dark spots
  • β-carotenes
  • Helps to improve vision
  • Vitamin B2
  • Key component for healthy and glowing skin and also for mucus layer of skin
  • γ-aminobutyric acid
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Folic acid
  • Inhibits neural defects in fetus
  • Decreases the arterial sclerosis disorder
  • Fluorine
  • Curing tooth decay
  • Flavor component
  • Theanine
  • Helps in cell protection
  • Gives calming effect
  • Decreases the high blood pressure
  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidant

Different Types Green Tea

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Due to endless benefits, a huge variety of green teas are used daily all over the globe. Some of its types are listed below:

  • Matcha tea
  • Hojicha tea
  • Sencha tea
  • Gyokuro
  • Genmaicha tea
  • Kabusecha tea
  • Tencha tea


What Is Matcha Green Tea?

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Matcha is most effective, highly antioxidant and top-quality type of green tea which is anciently use in Japanese tradition occasions. Matcha green tea has also many health benefits because of its antioxidative ability. The pure tea leaves are brewed and ground to form matcha tea.

This type of green tea is some how expensive as compared to other teas due to beneficial components present in it. A fined grounded form of match green tea is available in market. Matcha green tea enhances the taste and healthy way of foods.


Worthful Health Benefits Common in Matcha Tea and Green Tea

Before harvesting matcha green tea trees are shaded to prevent sunlight. In this way these trees improve their chlorophyll content and increase nutritional value.

Research shows that matcha green tea has various health benefits.

Some common benefits of match tea and green tea are given below:

1. Best Source of Antioxidants

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Studies showed that matcha green tea has 137 times more catechins as compared to other tea.  Matcha green tea has abundant benefits due to large number of antioxidants are present, which helps to inhibit many harmful free radicals.

These free radicals can cause cell damage, aging and other diseases. Pure tea leaves are finely grounded to form matcha tea. Daily intake of matcha green tea ca reduces many chronic diseases.


2. Improves the Liver Health

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The liver is important organ in human body and plays a central role in metabolic activities and cleaning out the toxins.Researchers found that matcha green tea helps to keep human liver healthy. It may reduces the kidney and liver related diseases. Drinking matcha tea is directly linked with good heath of your liver and kidneys.

Green tea contains a good simulator i.e caffeine. This ingredient helps human body to stay active and boosting up metabolic rate. Additionally, matcha green tea contains the organic compound L-theanine amino acid, which enhances the human brain functions with caffeine.Matcha green tea, a refined form of green tea has countless health benefits. Lesser amount of caffeine is present in it as compared to coffee.

It helps brain functions in:

  1. Improved mood swings
  2. Balance out the neurotransmitter’s concentration
  3. Maintaining the norepinephrine and dopamine levels
  4. Improves the memory
  5. Maintain vigilance
  6. Stimulates good reaction time
  7. Helps to brain work efficiently

According to reported survey, mostly people feel much more calmful and stable energy level and work more actively with drinking green tea once a day, compared to coffee.


4. Aids to Prevent Carcinogenic Disorders

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Matcha green tea also has cancer related health benefits. A lot of research work has been done on revealing the magical benefits of this tea. It reduces the growth rate of carcinogenic cells in test tube and animals.It also decreases the growth of tumor in breast cancer cells in rats.

Matcha green helps to inhibit:

  1. Prostate cancer
  2. Breast cancer cells
  1. Ovarian cancer cells
  2. colorectal cancer cells
  3. Throat cancer cells
  4. Lungs tumor
  5. Skin related cancer
  6. Stomach tumor

Larger number of polyphenols present in matcha green tea that promotes the inhibition of cancerous cells and stop them from growing.


5. Balancing the Heart Activities

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Heart is the main symbol of life, which must be keep healthy for surviving. In a survey, cardio disorders are the main cause of death worldwide after crossing 35 years age.

It is proved that drinking green tea once or twice a day, which has a common nutrients and antioxidants to matcha tea can enhance the protection against heart disorders.

Green tea has also many health benefits regarding cardio functions:

  1. Suppresses the levels of bad cholesterol i.e LDL
  2. Reduces the level of triglycerides in blood
  3. Prevention the oxidation of LDL bas cholesterol
  4. Reduces the risk of heart stroke

For a healthy life style, drinking match tea is a best option. It maintains your heart strong and healthy. It also fights against heart diseases.


6.  Drinking Green Tea Helps to Burning Fat Cells and Weight Loss

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Green tea and matcha tea are rich with phytonutrient profile that helps you for weight loss. In 2009 studies showed that drinking catechin rich matcha and green tea has significantly health benefits, it reduced the overall body weight.

Furthermore, matcha green tea leaves contain many helpful compounds which aid human body fat cells to shed off. Survey showed that people who drank matcha and green tea daily, were more be able to stabilize a healthy body weight after burning fat cells and hence significantly losing weight.

Some important functions of green tea for weight loss

  1. Enhances energy level during exercise
  2. Helps in fat burning process
  3. Maintains the boost level of antioxidants in blood stream
  4. Improves metabolism

Matcha tea and green tea have bio-active compounds like EGCG and caffeine, which can help in weight loss process.


Here are Some more Magical Benefits of Drinking Green Tea.

7. Boost Up the Body Metabolism

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Green tea contains a number of antioxidants which helps in increasing the metabolic rate of human body. Furthermore, researches suggest that it can also boost up metabolism, in this way people who drinking green tea can easily burn 3–4% more calories each day.

For losing some calories and few pounds, one must drink green tea daily. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, caffeine present in green tea reduces the BMI i.e the body mass index.

Green tea aids in:

  1. Burns extra calories
  2. Promotes metabolism boosting effect
  3. Helps in shedding ponds


8. Green Tea Cures Inflammation and Skin Diseases

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Green tea is a best source to cure skin related diseases. It can help to cure inflammatory diseases like Type-2 diabetes and arthritis. The main ingredient in green tea is EGCg, the precious and dominant polyphenol which helps inflammation related diseases such as arthritis

Some important points in which green helps to prevent inflammation:

1.      In dry patches on skin

2.      In psoriasis

3.      In flaky, red, uneven skin

4.      Other inflammatory skin disorders

Over production of skin cells may also cause skin inflammation. According to researches, it is proved that green tea can slower down the growth rate of genes which is responsible in cell’s life. Also decreases the growth of over production of cells. Hence, green tea has a lot of skin benefits. In cosmetic industry, there are many types of green tea serums, lotions and toners are also available regarding to its health benefits.


9. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by profound changes in memory and thinking abilities. This neuro degenerative disease currently has no cure. However, the antioxidants in green tea appear to reduce the likelihood that you will develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Green tea can boost up brain neurotransmitters and improves memory. In the journal name Psychopharmacology , publication suggests that this magical tea can increases our cognitive functions of brain, specially the working memory.

Green tea helps in:

  1. Dementia disease
  2. Impairments of cognitive developments
  3.  Neuropsychiatric disorders


10. Helps in Body Shaping

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If someone want to get in toned body and in shape, he must be drink green tea early morning with empty stomach and at night before going to bed. You must see dominant results after two weeks with gym and green tea. It increases your patience level. Green tea gives much more good results with proper exercises and a balanced diet.


11. Beautiful Skin

In cosmetic industry, green tea extracts are used in manufacturing of different products. Many skin care toners and serums are available which contain green tea extracts.

For skin care green tea helps in:

  1. Acne and pimples
  2. Sun burn or sun damage
  3. Fine line and wrinkles
  4. Aging dark spots
  5. Premature aging
  6. Damage of skin cells when expose with ultraviolet rays

Pure extract of green tea is very effective on skin, it gives younger and even skin tone.


12. Green Tea Improves Bones Strong

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For a healthy body, strong bones are the key point. Osteoporosis is also a major heath issue all over the world. The predominant polyphenols may enhance the mass of bones, hence green tea increases the bones strength.

Green tea enhances:

  1. Bone minimal density
  2. Muscle strength
  3. Bone mass
  4. Bone strength

For females, drinking green tea has many health benefits. In women after post menopause, osteoporosis and sarcopenia is the major bones related issues. It also helps to reduces the sarcopenia disorder present in sixty plus age. In this disease body muscles and bones slow down their functions, including mass strength, mobility and energy.


13. Green Tea Increases the Body Immune system

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According to Journal of Periodontology study, person who drink green tea regularly are much safer from periodontal diseases. Green tea improves body immune system. The vitamin C present in green tea might be responsible. Although the exact mechanism is still under study.The antioxidants present in green tea can cure different types of infections.


14. Green Tea Gives Astringency Effect

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Astringency is one more powerful advantage of green tea. Green tea has many health benefits so it contains astringent components that trigger contractions in muscles and tissues whereas toning up muscles and skin.

Even if you do not want to drink green tea, an easy solution is to daily wash your mouth with it. It will cause enough contraction in your gums to stay them tight, firm and strengthen on the teeth, therefore reducing loosening and loss of teeth. you can additionally wash your hair with green tea and feel it grow stronger and healthier each day.


15. Live Longer life with Green Tea

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In the Journal of Nutrition, study found that drinking green tea can reduces stress and helps in good sleep. This would be possible if dinking green tea along with light exercise and natural healthy diet. It can also minimize the mortality in 65 years plus older persons

Collectively, health benefits of green tea and its extracts can give you longer healthy life. According to survey, individuals over 11 years that drinking green tea once or twice daily lowed the risk of mortality. Almost 18% for women and 5% for men.


16.  Green Tea Prevents UTI

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Drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea everyday can aids to clear up a urinary tract infection. Research found that green tea has high antioxidants profile which helps in reduces bladder inflammation.

A study has shown, people who drink green tea daily have a 40% less chances of UTI as compared to people who did not drink green tea.


17.  Green Tea is Body Detoxifier

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The larger number of antioxidants are the responsible for health benefits of green tea. Green tea is the best solution for notably savage hangovers and loss of appetite caused by the intake of alcoholic drinks and lack of sleep.

Start your day with a large cup of tea with lemon, and therefore the hangover can quickly fade to a nasty memory. Green tea with lemon juice could be a superb and popular remedy to flushes the exhausting effects of alcohol instantly.


18.  Fluoride in Green Tea Minimizes  the Tooth Decay

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Green tea has fluoride, the mineral which helps in strongness of teeth. Fluoride can also decrease the bacteria from teeth. Researches have shown that people which drink green tea had higher oral health and strong teeth than people who didn’t.

Another study says the green tea may be a help in periodontal health. The tea reduces inflammation and inhibits the growth of certain microorganism that may result in periodontics diseases. There will be more study required to elaborate the oral health benefits of green tea.


19. Green Tea Retains their Phytonutrients

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Green is rich with phytonutrients which found almost 100% with their original utility because they are not processed. Unlike other soda beverages, green tea is also a source of caffeine but tea is not processed.

After collecting the leaves, they are dried with heat and then ground them. So, they retains their all benefits.


20.  Maintaining the Cholesterol Levels in Blood Stream

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Green tea balances the bad cholesterol and good cholesterol in your body. Not all cholesterol is dangerous for you. The LDL which is low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is related to cardiovascular risk, whereas the HDL which is high-density lipoprotein cholesterol might actually defend your body against heart stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Although the exact mechanisms of this effect are still unknown and still under studies but the phytonutrients in green tea seem to be related to balanced low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, serving the body to stay them in a very healthy range.


21. Green Tea May Help You to Chill Out

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Green tea contains the amino acid L-theanine, which is responsible for calming effect. Studies have shown that the neurotransmitter that is L-theanine promotes alpha-wave generation in the human brain which giving signal of relaxation.


22. It May also Provide Protection Against Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease is a brain destructive disease which has no cure. Mostly it appears in older age. Basically, it is a neuro-degenerative condition that decreases the motor control and movement.

Green tea extract is rich with polyphenols that can fight against cell damage caused by neurotoxins. And also increases the life span of healthy cells. Drinking green tea is really beneficial for healthy body.


23. Helps to Cure Hangovers

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Green tea is highly antioxidant so it can detoxify abused liver and cure hangover feelings. but some studies suggest that green tea may cause liver toxicity, so before using green tea you must consult your doctor for hangover treatments.


24. Protects Your Mouth from Bacteria

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As all-time eating something, our mouth could be a tract for bacteria. By drinking green tea along with other foods, gives antibiotic and antifungal property naturally. Growing studies proof that drinking green tea may defend against cavities and help to prevent bad breath.

25. Green Tea Helps to Treat MRSA

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Recent researches have shown that taking green tea on daily basis may cure the Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Actually, this disease is an antibiotic-resistant bacteria strain in body that is mostly transmitted in lacking of health care precautions. MRSA is not easily cure with antibiotics as it built up antibiotic resistant shield in body.


26. Drinking Green Tea Balances Sugar Levels in Blood

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There researches have stated that the flavonoids present in green tea along with epigallocatechin gallate helps to reduce the production of glucose in liver. In this way human by drinking green tea body can regulate the blood glucose more efficiently. And maintaining the blood glucose level with in healthy limit.


27. Green Tea Minimizes the Type 2 Diabetes

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According to American Diabetes Association, almost 10% of all population in US have type 2 diabetes. But one can reduce this risk by drinking green tea daily.

A survey reported that the people who drank green tea six times per day have surprisingly 33% lower chances of type 2 diabetes as compared to those people who drank one cup of green tea per week. But this green tea effect depends on various factors such as body mass, age and sex.


28. Green Tea can Make Shield for Skin Against Sunburn

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Green tea acts as a natural sunblock. It helps in stopping the free radicals damage on skin hence it prevents them from the skin cells, that otherwise can cause skin problems like sun rashes and sun burn. We can easily make a green tea sunscreen at home.

You just need to boil on medium heat, 2 cups of water with 0.5 cup of green tea leaves about five to ten minutes. After that strain the green tea leaves and let the solution cool at room temperature. Take a small amount of this solution with cotton and apply it on a washed face. This solution will be store in an airtight container for later use. This solution gives you visible results in just a week.


29. Drink Green Tea for Youthful looks

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For healthy body, youthful looks and a sharp memory, you must drink green tea daily. As in cosmetic industry, 10% green tea serums, oils and creams are widely used. Green tea supplements are also very beneficial for elasticity of skin cells.


30. Helps Your Body to Decreases Sugar Intake

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Green tea itself contains zero gm of sugar. So, it is a healthy choice for those people who don’t want take sugary beverages. As compared to other soda drinks, drinking green tea has much more benefits for a healthy lifestyle.


31. Enhance Your Productivity by Drinking Green Tea

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Drinking green tea can perk your body and helps to focus and concentrate more efficiently on your work. In afternoon, if you are feeling dizzy then just take a cup of green tea which makes you active and increases your productivity.


32. Green Tea can Improve Your Vision and Reduces Eye Diseases

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Many studies have been done on the effect of green tea on vision. In the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researches have been shown that the catechins present in green tea can help to improve the vision ability and also prevent them from eye diseases.

Catechins in green tea helps in

  1. Vision disability
  2. Oxidative stress and damage of eye
  3. Eye side



From all the different studies on green tea and matcha tea, it is cleared that both have incredible health benefits. On daily basis drinking green tea may change your lifestyle into a healthy way.